Why We Use Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Benefits of a Patio Shade Cover
September 30, 2021
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When you’re thinking of investing in a patio Irvine CA for your home, consider Aurora Shade outdoor shade covers. We use polycarbonate roof panels to bring you the best patio in Irvine CA and San Diego CA!

There are many benefits to having an outdoor shade cover for your patio, but only if you do it right! Aurora Shade works with polycarbonate to design and install the highest quality roof panels; it’s what your home deserves. From durability to versatility, polycarbonate roof panels are the way to go. 

Temperature Control

Your patio is susceptible to changing weather conditions, which is why an outdoor shade cover is recommended and commonly included in patio design. Whether it’s protecting your patio from the Southern California sun, or blocking out damage in the cold, rainy months, an outdoor shade cover does the job. Polycarbonate roof panels from Aurora Shade take it one step further by resisting extreme temperatures such as summer heat waves or winter freezes. 

Southern California Sunblock

Similarly to its temperature control quality, polycarbonate protects against the harsh UV rays of the sun, which is especially beneficial in places like San Diego CA and Irvine CA. The material’s ability to block out sun damage also allows for your outdoor shade cover to remain for several years without fading, discoloring, or other damage. 

Tough As Nails 

Polycarbonate is incredibly durable, and virtually unbreakable. It can withstand strong amounts of weight or force, and therefore makes for a great protectant for your patio Irvine CA. Polycarbonate is widely used for outdoor architecture, including your outdoor shade cover. For comparison, the material has 30 times the impact strength of acrylic. 

Light As a Feather

Despite being a notoriously strong and defensive material, polycarbonate roof panels are actually incredibly lightweight, making them a safe choice for construction and usage alike. They won’t add a clunky look to your backyard landscape, and are a great balance between high quality and affordability. 

Keep yourself and your outdoor patio protected through the summer heat, the winter cold, and everything in between. Invest in polycarbonate roof panels from Aurora Shade for your patio Irvine CA. For more information about installing polycarbonate roof panels San Diego CA, or outdoor patio cover for your patio Irvine CA, visit Aurora Shade!

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